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Thread: Best Buy for a Afterburner PCI card

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    Best Buy for a Afterburner PCI card

    I need to buy a new PCI WIFI network card. As my WL500g appears to be afterburner capable, I wonder if you guys have suggestions which card works well.

    I know Linksys (WMP54G-S) has one, but there some nasty customer reviews about that card. Further I found the Belkin F5D7001df and Buffalo WLI2-PCI-G54S. Maybe there are even more.

    Any suggestions/experiences for the best choice?
    BTW: In the NL the linksys is almost double price of the Belkin one. So if there are no very bad things 'bout that one it would be the way to go.


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    Afterburner WORKS on WL-100g

    Hi... I am looking for the same... think I am going for the Belkin....

    BTW the wl100g (PCMCIA) also supports afterburner

    but now we need a good and cheap PCI

    EDIT: wl100g doesnt really seems to have afterburner..
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    Did anyone actually buy the belkin card? I'm now trying to decide between the different afterburner capable pci cards, and the belkin has a reasonable price tag.

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    It is almost a year ago... perhaps a little sad me posting here.
    But I still do it so this topic closes nicely.

    I bought the Belkin and it works perfectly. Really a recommandation for just a good Wireless PCI card that works without trouble or sophisticated stuff.

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