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Thread: wl500g and linksys cable modem

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    wl500g and linksys cable modem

    hi pal,

    recently i bought asus wl500g to replace my old linksys befsr41. but i found some problem. i cannot access internet anymore.

    this is what im doing:
    1. upgrade firmware to (d/l from asus website)
    2. follow wizzard instruction.

    on befsr41 using 2 mac address (wan & lan, found on web control panel)

    but on wl500g i dont know which mac address to use (cable modem or wl500g mac address). im trying to use both, but always failed.

    then i check system log, always disconnected, dhcp leased.. some kind like that..

    it seem hard to configure asus wl500g than befsr41.

    can anyone help me pls ?

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    You need to specify ALL details on how you've configured BOTH devices. Otherwise, you will not get help here, nobody is able to guess this remotely.

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    Lightbulb maybe a response

    i've tried to connect my cable / modem to this router. But i can't connect during 5 weeks... i turn around.
    And i turn off modem cable
    i turn on my router
    i turn on my cable modem
    and my router is going to cyberspace (cause mac address don't find if my cable modem turn on before him) -it's just for the first time-

    sorry to my bad english

    i hope u've the same problem ^^


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