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Thread: About to remove IPv6 support from the firmware

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    About to remove IPv6 support from the firmware


    I the mean time I would like to remove IP v6 support from my firmware. The reason is that this code is not supported and I've no idea if it works at all. The other reason is that even with IPv6 enabled this firmware is not a real IPv6 solution. It misses some vital features like iptables for IPv6. So, mostly this firmware is noop for IPv6.

    If you've any objections, then let me know.

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    The main reason that I use your firmware is the IPv6 support

    I much rather have IPv6 suppert without iptables support than no IPv6 support at all (in fact I dont use iptables at all, neither IPv4 og IPv6, since I do filtering elsewhere). I have a static address on the WAN interface and a /60 routed to it. Autoconfiguration and routing announcement works fine on the inside.

    Maybe IPv6 could be optional, a checkbox somewhere to enable it, and a little notice about it not being "fully" supported?

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    I also use the ipv6 in your firmware (for which a million thanks).

    I have a native ipv6 account with my isp here in France, and the wl500gx is a reasonable (that is, affordable) way to make the connection.

    Admittedly, I had to recompile the firmware with one minor change which took an extra 80 or bytes, but there was room for this. (This change was reported.)

    Yes, ipv6 has been the internet-of-the-future for the last twenty years, but it is beginning to happen here in France: isps are starting to offer native ipv6, e.g., Nerim for a long time and Free recently.

    Of course, if there is something more useful to do with the space, I will understand.

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    Please keep it!
    I don't use it now, but I would love to try it out.
    Actually, I just signed up at sixxs!

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    The first thing I do on all my computers and network equipment is to disable IPv6... If it makes the firmware smaller, more stable and enables you to integrate other features, please remove it.

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    If you finally decide to leave ipv6 in the firmware, may I suggest that you incorporate the small change that I made.

    With it I have a satisfactory connection to ipv6 internet. Admittedly, there remains a small problem: I have to install an ipv6 route. I do this in post-mount, and, of course, each time my ISP disconnects me I have to do it again. This, however, can be fixed with an ip-up-script which I intend to create as soon as I have the time to figure out exactly how to do it.

    Thank you, again, for your great work!

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    I will remove it for sure at some point. IPv6 will be available as separate kernel module. As for utilities: I beleive, that most of thing you need are covered by ipkg.

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    Did you read my Question about 6to4 support?

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