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Thread: Additional USB ports and Internal HD!

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    I'd like to see that 480mbit/s screenshots of an ftp transfer please...

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    Here is my scenario:

    I'm damn far from USB or Ethernet100Mbps speeds.

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    Slow downs.

    I have a couple of ideas on why there is a performace problem here.
    Assume that the USB interface is capable of 480 Mbit/s.

    1. The file system implementation would be one bottle neck.
    Think about it, the USB is connected to the VIA chipset and from there the data is transported in to local memory. The cpu needs handle this and if you use the network it needs to pipe it through to a network hardware. Lots of bottle necks.

    2. The main bottleneck would probably be the CPU when transfering lots of data. More memory wouldn't hurt either to have bigger buffers for handling the idle when transfering smaller files.

    Anyone checked the load on the cpu when transfering much data?


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    Im still waiting for the 480mbit screenshot.

    I don't think its the CPU problem but its loaded 100% yes.
    That doesn't really mean anything tho.
    I believe it is the bus construction of the router causing this.
    My theory is that all the stuff passes through all the buses possible before it gets out on Ethernet. In PC its simple DMA is used mostly so the transfer doesnt load your CPU. ( I think ^^)
    I have tried several file systems to solve this and it didn't change much.

    Attaching my record speed !
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    nice work.

    can you make some pictures for me where i can see of you fixed the hdd?
    and can you say soemthing about the temps?.

    best regards

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    I made my own pillars(had a couple of rubber cones of about 1cm) of some sort that is glued to the hd and the board with a glue gun.
    You can put them anywhere as long as you see that the hd is supported.

    You can start by glueing the stuff to the hd and then try to test fit it on to the board.
    I can't take a photo of this because I don't have access to the device right now.

    The heat is not a problem at all. I though it was going to be but as you notice the case has holes in it and the hd has about on 1cm of space between the board and it.



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