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Thread: WAN fileaccess? (not ftp)

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    WAN fileaccess? (not ftp)

    At my office we have very limited rights and are not able to install anything at all.
    I would like to be able to acces my mounted drives (USB harddisk) from work.
    Is it somehow possible to access my shared files at home through a webinterface as I am not able to install an ftp-program?

    I am using the latest oleg-firmware.

    Regards Rasmus

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    In principle you can access ftp server by web browser. Use something like this: The ftp ports should be open in the firewall on the router.

    If you have ssh client (putty) you can use it also to transfer files. AFAIK putty can work from diskette or flash

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    I think raster has no chance to get trough the firewall at work.
    The ftp Port probably is blocked, isn't it?
    WL-500gP => (2007-04-06)
    Running: thttpd, php 5.1, vsftp, rrdtool

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    With the newer iexplorer you can't use ftp with anonymous access disabled. I solved it with FileZilla Portable. It runs of my usb-stick.


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    If you can use putty in office pc and dropbear/privoxy on asus, you can do everything what you want (surfing, ftp..) trough port 443-https. No one is disabling that port.


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