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Thread: Can't connect to the router

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    Can't connect to the router

    I can't ping the router, I can't access the web interface, I can't telnet or ssh to it.

    But it still works in the switch mode, I mean my network packages passes through it from me to the internet and back.

    It came in this mode after I issued the command:
    flashfs save && flashfs commit && flashfs enable && reboot

    My router has a HDD atached to it. But I can't connect to it with a HDD or not connected.

    So, how can I get my router back? Right now it doesn't seem to respond to my pings or ssh attempts...

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    I've managed to reconect to my router.

    It's something "strange" happening.

    Right now, I can connect to my router only through the WAN interface. If I plug my cable into the LAN interface I'm not able to access my router. However if I have 2 cables in the LAN interfaces, the router acts like a switch.

    The router is in "Access Point mode".

    In Access Point mode, all 5 Ethernet ports and wireless devices are set to locate in the same local area network. Those WAN related functions are not supported here.
    Can anyone explain me the strange behavior?

    Right now I've replaced the router switching functions (I had 2 LAN cables pluged into it) with a switch, and connected the router also to the switch through WAN interface (In order to access it).

    Thanks in advance...

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    try to connect both cables to LAN 1-4 connectors, Not to the WAN connector.

    Even though you've set it up as an accesspoint and thus the WAN port should act as a normal LAN 1-4 port, it simply does not.

    99% of the time it works.. but some things simply don't work over the WAN port..

    I don't know why, I also think it is strange, and I also had some weird behaviour I couln't get my finger behind, or could not replicate.

    Even though my asus is also in AP modus, I never use the WAN port to connect something.

    I hope this helps.

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    Red face Unable to ping or connect to router

    Hi all,

    I have a DD-WRT WL-500G premium and I went through some settings.

    Now I´m suddenly not able to connect to the router (other routers work fine). The leds work fine, but I cannot connect with telnet/browser or even the ping doesn´t answer. Any suggestions?


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    Quote Originally Posted by indy4 View Post
    ...The leds work fine...
    Are your leds blinking, or are the 'always-on'? (solid leds)
    If this is the case your power supply is fried.
    Do a search on 'solid leds' and enough info should come up.
    (if the psu is fried, there is a capacitor which is leaking)

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