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Thread: [How To] Install and Configure Hellanzb

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    DrChair & Jeroen,

    I was wondering,

    Do you have the same problems letting HellaNZB unrar the downloaded archives as I mentioned earlier in this thread.

    I'm wondering, because, If I'm the only one having this problem, it must be me who configured something wrong, If you 2 are having the same problems it could be a bug which we have to address.

    Thanks for your replies.

    DrChair, I overlooked your post, that you've got it going....
    I'm going to re-install HellaNZB.. (keep you informed)

    Installed it the way described here, pretty much the same.
    Still no succes with unrar.
    Now running in debug-modus. Let's see what that bring tomorrow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeroen van Omme View Post
    Just installed Zussaweb, with lighttpd and fcgi-php (called php-fcgi in the package listing!).
    Did the modifications noted in this thread, but when I try to open
    it returns a
    Fault: Code: 6 Reason 'No data received from server.'

    Any suggestions?
    Hi Jeroen,

    It happened to me, but only when HellaNZB was not running in the background. seems that the website functions, but it can't read out the processes.


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    My experience of Zussaweb was not good. It refuses to allow me to upload an NZB file and won't retrieve my Newzbin files. However, HellaPHP does all this so I have switched.

    Has anyone got a working script that automatically runs HellaNZB on boot up? I can type /opt/bin/ -D but put it into a script and it never works for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raas View Post
    I was wondering,

    Do you have the same problems letting HellaNZB unrar the downloaded archives as I mentioned earlier in this thread.

    Sorry, can't help you here. I use Hella strictly for downloading. Afterwards, I FTP to my PC and perform par/unrar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by methanoid View Post
    However, HellaPHP does all this so I have switched.
    Methanoid, what do you need to get HellaPHP up-and-running? Is there a installation-guide, or can you provided some info?


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    I think I've worked out my problem..
    par seems to be the problem. not unrar.. but if it doesn't par, then it certainly does not unrar.


    I installed the cronutils and par2cmdline again...
    Now it seems to work
    (had 2 nzb's, albums.. ~200mb.. which is small for testing, they worked, which they didn't do before).
    Have to wait for a series of dvd's I've put in to actually confirm it..

    So, if you think it doesn't unrar for you, check your par, it might be the problem.


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    Succeeded, partially...
    Hi Dr/Jeroen, first of all, thanks for the help & considerations.
    I managed to get a bit further.
    Put in 6nzb with dvd's last night, hoping they would been downloaded today.
    well.. partially, 2 downloaded completely and extracted fully, leaving me with a dvd. Sweet, that's a big progress., but,
    There where 4 nzb's more in the queue.. while hella was queued..didn't download anything at that moment. When I manually set the the first nzb in queue to download, it starts downloading right away..have to see now if it advances to the next nzb.
    Jeroen? I read you've had some problems with hellaznb staying in queued modus.. what exactly did you do to solve this problem..

    I'm still not running in nice-modus (I checked, it's actually installed on the router, but I haven't used that function yet.)


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    From my experience with Hella, I can tell you it feels a bit unstable.
    When I turned on debugging, I saw that HELLA is actually doing something (just tail -f <logfile> to monitor the debug-logfile). I even got it to download some files.......However, adding files to the queue are sometime picked up, but more often, they seems to be ignored, or queued but not processed.
    The webinterface Suzzaweb is even more problematic, It seems to only work when Hella is already downloading, but even this doens't guarantee a working webpage. If it does work, however, it's pretty cool, giving a nice monitor-view of the download process.
    All in all, downloading with debug enabled and FTP-ing the nzb's manually to the WL-HDD seems to be the safest. Just not very efficient.....

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    Hi Jeroen,

    Well, I managed to even get a bit further,

    - the 'hanging' nzb... I was not able to replicate this behaviour.. even not with the same nzb. everything I feed it now, is downloaded. This is now the same as before, so my guess is that it was just a hickup, which I don't hope it will happen again.

    - about stability... I have to set my references again, don't know how stable my current setup is now. (now that I have the par/rar problem sorted out), but, when I only used it for downloading (no par/rar) I must say it is really stable (have downloaded 80+ gb in a row, with 20-25 nzb's (not all movies), but it kept on running.

    - ZussaWeb, In my case zussa also runs when Hella is not downloading anything (idle) and is waiting for the next download, it will just display the website, with an empty queue, no processing, and the last log-items, but it does run, if I then upload a nzb, it waits 10 seconds and starts downloading immediately.
    However, if HellaNZB is not running in the background you will get a 'no connection to server' if you try to open the zussaweb pages.
    (only thing I think is crap in Zussaweb is the downloading progress bar, this one displays 99% done when it has to download 1+ gb of a download.)

    At this moment I'm very happy with the way I have it set up (included nice in my setup since yesterday). It even starts with downloading the next nzb while it's unrarring the previous !
    let's hope it stays that way.

    I changed my setup this weekend, so I have to 'reset' my references..
    I will do a week thorough downloading, and If it unpacks all, and is still running after a lot of packages.. then I know how stable it is. but for now.. I'm very happy..

    (movie-dvd ~4,5gb: download, par-verify, unrar, cleanup... all in approx 5-6hours.. ) which means 4-5 movies a day, and that's way more than I can watch

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    Raas, DrChair,

    Well, I've given up on Hella. I was almost considering using my PC agai nfor downloading, but then I received a message from hugbug, pointing me to this thread:
    De-installed hella and the webserver tools, installed getnzb and got it running at once. No webinterface, but adding nzb's is as simple as ftp-ing them to the right directory. It runs daemonized, but you don't have to tail log-files to see what's going on: getnzb -L will show you what's going on, getnzb -C will give you a realtime monitor.

    Hope this helps anyone considering newsgroup downloading.
    Many thanks tot hugbug for pointing me in the right way!


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    Hi Jeroen,

    I'm sorry to hear that Hella didn't work out for you, maybe the WLHDD is not that able to fully use Hella.

    I'm sticking with Hella for now, but I will most certainly have a look at hugbug's nzbget.

    Anyway.. I'm very happy with this thread, without this thread I didn't manage to solve the problems I had.

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    After having so much trouble with Hella, getting getNZB to run at the first try was a real relief . So, for now I'm sticking to getNZB.

    You're right about this thread being really usefull.

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    Well hello

    few questions from my experience with nzb

    Since yesterday I'm using SABnzbd, quite good, but realy slow when loading 2 nzbs (mp3 each 100MB) with max 2 connections.

    How is the memory consumption at this program

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeverusSneep View Post
    Well hello

    few questions from my experience with nzb

    Since yesterday I'm using SABnzbd, quite good, but realy slow when loading 2 nzbs (mp3 each 100MB) with max 2 connections.

    How is the memory consumption at this program
    Memory consumption with Hellanzb is better than with SABnzbd.

    However, if you don't need a webinterface, and you don't mind un-rarring your downloads yourself, I can really recommend NZBget.
    (especially the newer svn-versions use only 3 Mb, but those aren't in the optware repository yet)

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    HellaNZB can take up anywhere between 20 and 60 megabytes.
    You definatly need a swap installed.
    but if you run it with the lowest priority your still have a very responsive system.

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