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Thread: WL-138gE doesnt connect to WLAN

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    WL-138gE doesnt connect to WLAN


    im having a realy hard time trying to establish WLAN at home

    my laptop connects to router perfectly, but PC in wich i put WL-138gE dont :|

    it finds WLAN, but when its time to connect it says wrong enryption, also ASUS Utility doesnt show SSID (tryed to write it manualy, but its just dissapear again). I tryed to leave open WLAN but when trying to connect its just do nothing (just shows available networks again)

    any ideas what could be wrong?

    Sorry for mistakes

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    Face the facts, the WL-138g is one of the crappiest wlan cards ever made, it's buggy and worth nothing (not even its low price) switch to another brand.

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