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Thread: Firmware v1.9.2.7 CR8

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    Quote Originally Posted by r-win View Post
    Is it possible to upgrade dnsmasq to the latest version? The version which is included doesn't have support for tagging based on mac addresses (usefull for openvpn clients).
    Quote Originally Posted by Oleg View Post
    Allright...wrong question

    I've compiled dnsmasq myself, since the dnsmasq version at this location has IPv6 support compiled in, which results in a "Protocol not supported" error. Strange actually, but recompiling seemed easier yesterday
    By the way, I've also found out that mounting iso images to directories does not work right away. You have to manually create symlinks to the loop devices. I think it has something todo with devfs support (but I'm not sure). Anyway, you have to create symlinks from /dev/loop0 to /dev/loop/0 (and that for all 8 loop devices if you want to mount several images). Maybe you can fix the next version of the rom to include these symlinks?

    Right now, I've added the following lines to my post-boot script:
    for l in 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ; do
        ln -s /dev/loop/$l /dev/loop$l
    which also works fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r-win View Post
    Maybe you can fix the next version of the rom to include these symlinks?
    Looks like a bug in busybox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oleg View Post
    Looks like a bug in busybox.
    Yes, I suppose. I've upgraded to BusyBox 1.8.1, but that didn't solve the problem. I've seen a bug report about this issue, but the resolution was something like: disable devfs in the kernel

    I'll try to recompile version 1.8.2 tonight and see if that makes any difference.
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    Problems with rtorrent and firmware v1.9.2.7 CR8

    Trying to use rtorrent from opt-ware source, but after upgrading from i get:

    Storage error: [File chunk write error: Success.
    Trying to download torrent to vfat partition. And I'm using screen for being able to detach rtorrent. Using a wl500gx.

    Will downgrade now, but if anyone can think of whats causing this then I would be thank full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miloman View Post
    Same problems here with a centrino (Intel 2200BG): wireless signal gets lost, and will restore after 30secs or so. Went back to 7g also....
    It is a pity, because WDS with WPA seemed to work

    BTW: is there an easy way to get the wireless MAC of the WL500Gx (get it from the router-menu or alike)?
    Encounter the same problem with Intel 2200BG. On another Compaq notebook using Broadcom wlan chipset, works perfectly fine. In my case, the problem started after I upgraded the firmware to the official Asus firmware release.

    This is what I get from Intel's website which sort of describe similar problem and the solution for the problem we're encountering :
    - PSP (Power Save Polling) Causes Connection Issues With Some Access Points -->

    - 802.11 Association Lost with Cisco* AP Configured for World-Mode Legacy

    - Stop Message When Running Older Intel Drivers after Upgrading Cisco* AP Firmware -->

    The first suggestion I tried but problem persisted. Is there any way to disable "World-Mode Legacy" in the Asus WL-500gP??

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    Hm... I see now. 802.11d is disabled at the moment. Perhaps I've to move this setting to the web iface.
    You could try adjusting nvram variables:

    To force 802.11d setting:
    nvram set wl_reg_mode=d
    nvram commit
    To force 802.11h setting:
    nvram set wl_reg_mode=h
    nvram commit
    To disable regulations:
    nvram set wl_reg_mode=off
    nvram commit

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    ipkg segmentation faults

    when I try to update packages in my wl-500g (oleg's7g firmware) I get the following message for several, but not all packages:

    cd opt/tmp


    ipkg innstall libxml2_2.6.31-1_mipsel.ipk --verbosity 2
    pkg_info_preinstall_check: updating arch priority for each package
    pkg_info_preinstall_check: update file owner list
    Upgrading libxml2 on /opt/ from 2.6.30-1 to 2.6.31-1...
    Running script /opt/ipkg-lhsnXv/libxml2-xDGmYW/preinst
    removing obsolesced files
    installing maintainer scripts
    installing data files
    extracting data files to /
    segmentation fault

    after this, ipkg hangs and I have to reboot to get anything working on the commandline again.

    the same happens when I just run ipkg update / ipkg upgrade.
    I have about 46 MB total memory and >300MB diskspace left on my usb stick
    that is mounted on /opt (ext3)
    Anyone with a solution?
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    Use it with printer and HD

    People hi
    I register today. Very good site.
    I have this firmware. Is anybody one can show me a tuto page to worket it with Canon LBP 5200 and maxtor One touch II.
    Sorry my english is not perfect (Fr).
    I will have not many hairs next days


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    I now also have problems with my wireless
    I have a wl500w Router
    Which driver is used in this firmware?
    Is it the one included in Version Firmware for wl500w?
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