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Thread: can't install new firmware on wl-500gP

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    can't install new firmware on wl-500gP


    I bought this router last week because a few people have had success installing new firmware and configuring it to dial the same usb modem as I have, so that they can easily share internet around their home. However I have tried several times to change the firmware and it gives me the same error every time - to check that it is the right firmware, I have tried the asus clear and recover firmwares, dd-wrt and open-wrt and it wont work.

    I have been using the web interface via both windows and linux, is there something i dont know about? some other way to change the firmware?

    please bear in mind i am not that technical - but I can follow instructions, for either windowsXP or linux

    and to answer the obvious question "why dont you just get a better modem?"

    short answer: there is no other modem

    long answer: I live in remote australia and there are four options for internet: dialup (which sucks), ISDN dialup (expensive and sucks), sattelite (expensive, takes about a year on a waiting list for installation, and not very fast) or wireless broadband, which I have but it is only supplied by one ISP out here and they only have one modem that will work as it is a proprietary 3G protocol that they keep a very tight grip on. So far I have paid $300 for the modem, $170 for an antenna so I can get a signal, and $100 for this asus router, the outlay has been significant as far as I am concerned, and I just wish it was all working

    so please can someone help me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cobelloy View Post
    I bought this router last week because a few people have had success installing new firmware .......
    Well, it isn't clear what you want to do - it sounds like you would like to install a usb-modem to your asus router using any kind of firmware!
    Be aware, that every firmware is different in handling and possibilities.
    Anyhow, an alternativ firmware cannot solve your problem in an easy way, because you need to have (usually) different driver(s) for/of your modem (or chipset) and you have to install everything. Maybe you'll find somebody with a particular solution for you (Dependent to your modem-type aso.).

    An open source firmware like olegs, ddwrt, openwrt, tomato, packetprotector allows you to get full access, nothing else. So you have to know what you need to get it working and then you have to install it.

    But you asked how to install a firmware like.......
    Ok, at first it means you will loose your warranty, everything is at your own risk. Second: I suggest to read something, in order to know a bit more, or at minimum to know what you can do after flashing a new firmware. Of course, there is a way back, but you should know it before.

    Provided you want to install olegs firmware:

    1.) download the file from

    2.) ensure, that your PC is connected with your router (just wire, not wireless!)

    3.) unzip to a new directory for instance: /mydocuments/asusoleg/
    and cd to that directory

    4.) now read and follow and
    change Tomatoxxxxx.trx to WL500gp-

    5.) Its always better to wait a bit longer as written........
    and do your basic configuration when/if needed

    6.) Follow any tutorials (howto) as you like.

    7.) enjoy linux

    Olegs webif looks like asus webif, so don't be surprised and have a closer look.

    As I know there are many (maybe better) howtos for installing your firmware.

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