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Thread: Dead or brick ? Lan and WAN 1-4 leds on steady

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    Dead or brick ? Lan and WAN 1-4 leds on steady


    I have good news for you! I had exactly the same symptomes like you. After a few days of investigation I have found that the power supply is faulty. It can not provide enough current to the device. The standby voltage is 5 volts, and the maximal current is 2.5 ampers (at least it is stated by the sticker on the power supply). But it seems that the device needsaround 1.5 ampers during the boot sequence, and some more if you use the USB connectors too.

    So if you buy a stabilized power supply with 5 volts nominal voltage and 2.5 ampers maximal current capability, you can use your router again, just like me.

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    try change ur power supply, make sure it has same V and Amp. Read from other site it is the culprit in few occasion.

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    Thumbs up wl-500gp v1 bricked real bad.

    Hy all.
    A few days ago i bricked my wl-500gp. Rely bad.

    I accidental unsolder the tb2de capacitor witch is found in the upper part of the cpu.
    After soldering it back the device was dead. Not tftp, not dhcp. Nothing.
    When i use wireshark to sniff the network i get:
    time Source Destination Protocol Info
    0.000000 DHCP DHCP Discover - Transaction ID 0xee0374d1

    I never get an ip.

    Write know my wl-500gp works only as a switch.
    Even the wan port acts as a switch. So basically i have a fancy switch with one antenna. Al the 5 rj45 ports act the same.

    Recovery mode using tftp is dead.

    When i plug the device all the power leads light up for 1 sec, the only the lan or wan port leads are lighted if i have a cable connected.

    Also power led is off and the wifi led is not fully lighted.

    Any idea?
    Where can i find a step by step tutorial about serial connection?
    Help please

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    hanugro is absolutely right. Changing of power supply solves the issue!

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    Happend to me too. First the leds flashed randomly, secondly they were solid. Agreed, changing the power supply solves the issue but not for a long time. With the default Asus one, the supply heats intensively, maybe because the wifi card. The new supply bricked in a few month. Now I got another brand, 4Amps version, it works well, for half a year now. Asus should give bigger supply for this device, 2,5Amp just not enough.
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    bricked wl500gpv2

    WAN, LAN ports 1-5 leds are solid, no power led, found post where someone who had the same issue from a previous message. Oleg stated the fix for this is to ground pin 10. A search of the forum by doing a google search for ' "pin 10"' returned several results where the fix is mentioned but no actual mention of how the pin 10 trick works. Please help. And yes I was fucking with the nvram.

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    DON'T SHORTEN ANY PINS unless you really know what you do.
    Solids LEDs are usually caused by a bad power supply.
    So check your power supply first before you brick your device by causing any short circuits.

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    Hi, I am having the same problem with my WL-500gPv1. I was browsing the net without problems, went to the kitchen and when I came back suddenly there was no connection on the PC. Checking the router it had the same symptoms described above: sold WAN and LAN 1-4 leds, power and air led off.
    to tell the whole story, in the meantime when i left my pc and came back, my brother turn on his pc which was connected to the same socket as the WL-500gP, so the power supply theory seems to be correct.

    Question: how to check the power supply ? what alternatives could be used instead of the oem Asus unit ?

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    Hi guys,

    I just had the same problem...and luckily I had an identical working source from an older device
    Thank you very much...I really thought before reading this thread that my device had gone into being a brick..but now it's alive again.

    What would be the long term solution though ? (I suppose the current, same Amps power supply will burn out also in the long run)


  10. Asus WL-500gP bricked, now half alive... Please help!

    Hey my router is suddenly dead... One time before i managed to recover the router by connecting 2 places on the mainboard of the router, so the router could be recovered.... I have searched for this thread, with the excact explanation on what to do... But cannot find it!?
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  11. Have found the thread... But not even the short pin 10 / 9 trick works...

    Router is dead... The on / Off led does not start...

    Only WAN + Lan1,2,3,4 is on... So it seems like the router cannot boot anymore :/

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    If you search the forum, you will notice that the cause of solid lan leds mostly is a defect power supply. With shortening the wrong pins you can damage your router and produce a definite brick.
    I hope you did not do too much damage...

  13. WL500 bricked

    Quote Originally Posted by MMCM View Post
    If you search the forum, you will notice that the cause of solid lan leds mostly is a defect power supply. With shortening the wrong pins you can damage your router and produce a definite brick.
    I hope you did not do too much damage...
    Allright... But how can the power supply suddenly be defect!? :0
    Because it is dellivering some Volts... (So the Leds can be on)

    The problem is that the Power led is not on!??

    And how can i check if it's defect!?

    I have now changed the power supply.

    Shorten the pins again... And reset the router.

    The Power led is now flashing, but all 4 Lan leds are still on, and Wan port too...

    When i connect the router to my pc through network cable... The PC does not pickup any Lan signals :/ What can i do!?

    So half alive But all 4 LAN leds should not be on, while Power led is flahing :O ?

    I have the same problem... Please look at my post:

    Hopefully you can help
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    did You check the maximum current from the power supply ? This should be at least 4A. I have modem and USB disc connected to router and it only works if power supply is at least 5A. If you didn't succeed try shortening serveral times, it's not always working. If it doesn't work it might be hardware problem.

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    Need your thoughts, Broken Power supply or bricked?

    Hi All,

    I need some thoughts on the problems I'm facing the last couple of days.

    I think my power supply is defect (doesn't supply enough current), or worse, my wl500g premium is bricked.

    The symptoms:
    All LAN leds and AIR leds are continiously on. they don't blink, even though not a single cable is connected. the power-led is off.
    When I take the power off, wait 15 secs, and put the power back on, the same symptoms occur. But. sometimes it 'boots', I stick a lan-cable in it and try to ping it, sometimes this works, but most of the time it doesn't.

    Then, a couple of weeks ago, my harddrive (currently a 2,5' notebook) started having issues. The drive runs of the asus without an extra power supply. But now, all of a sudden the drive doesn't run off the asus anymore, I had to stick an extra powersupply to the drive in order to run it.
    Then, a week or so later, the asus didn't recognize my Velleman K8055 usb-interface board anymore, it doesn't detect it when it's plugged in.

    And now, it's just sitting there, staring at me with all those orange lights, but it doesn't work.

    I checked the power supply with a multimeter and it supplies 5.24v
    I guess this is correct, but could it be that it is not supplying enough current anymore so that the Asus can't boot up?

    Would you think it's safe to test this with the 5v supply rail from a (running) pc. As I don't have a spare power-supply which can provide 5v@2,5a

    Any thoughts on this are welcome.


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