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Thread: No Tomato 1.10 upload possible

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    No Tomato 1.10 upload possible

    I finally found enough courage to change the standard firmware and try Tomato 1.10.

    Through the webgui I selected the tomato.trx file, but it won't let me upgrade, saying this is not the correct version. I did not know there was a check on that?

    What options do I have to upgrade? Just use the Firmware restoration utility?

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    Download the Tomato or any other firmware.
    Open a command prompt and 'cd' to the directory where you downloaded the firmware (.trx file).
    Type 'tftp -i PUT Tomatoxxxxxx.trx' but DO NOT HIT ENTER! (Use your downloaded firmware)
    Unplug the power to the router.
    Hold down the reset/restore button while reconnecting the power. Wait until the power light starts blinking before releasing the reset/restore button.
    Hit enter in your command prompt window (to run 'tftp -i PUT Tomatoxxxxxx.trx').
    Wait 15-30 seconds for the image to upload. If you receive a TFTP timeout message start the process over again (from step 3).
    Wait 4-5 minutes and power cycle the router.

    The description is taken from packetprotector.....
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    Think I got to get tftp.exe first ?

    Got the windows client version, tftpd32, will try to execute.
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    you can use asus rest. tool, or windows tftp, no need to download anything.
    On winXP you go to:
    - start, run
    - enter "cmd" to get a dos-windows
    - use my description or any other

    I guess (not sure) tftp is a part of windows.

    dont worry, do it step by step.
    As I can see, your native language is german. If you want, I can guide you in the german forum.
    have a nice weekend.....

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    TFTP is a part of XP. I use Server 2003 and there it is not present I think. But i'll use the restoration tool.

    My primairy language is Dutch, but German is also no problem :-)

    The thing I'm most afraid of is bricking the device

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    i tested tomato firmware, but the wireless function sucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alien433 View Post
    i tested tomato firmware, but the wireless function sucks.
    Thanks. Anything more specific? Wireless config, wireless signalstrength or something else?

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    the wireless strenght is vey below satisfaction, in WPA Personal modus with tkip or AES i dont get any connection. and otherwise the conection i wil get is around 1 mbit connection. even wityh wireless power around 84 mw.
    Withe the oleg firmware i will get around the 80mbit connection, with the same power.
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    Hmmm, sounds like I should use the Oleg one and finally get into Linux to expand the router's possibilities...

    Is Oleg's wireless function better than the Asus standard one?


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    Thumbs up

    I did it with the firmware restoration util, flashed tomato 1.13 on an 500gP V2.

    At first WLAN WEP/WPA did not work (like someone else wrote here), then I cleared nvram like it is said in the tomato FAQ. Now it is fine.

    I'm very impressed with this, though I have yet to try other firmwares, I only had Asus standard fw on it.

    The gui is very clean and compact, the router is very fast. I have Azureus running at full speed which was impossible with standard fw.


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    Is it possible to install tomato on a wl 500g? Not premium that is

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