Hi guys.

I'm in deep do-do and hope someone can point to a way out!

My daughter's notebook died, and I've spent most of the day setting up a new machine for her, and getting it hooked into the wireless lan. After too many hours of checking, and rechecking the wep keys, I finally remembered that I had also set up MAC filtering on the wireless portion of the lan. So I added the mac address of the new machine to the wireless accept list in the router and rebooted it.

The router appears to have rebooted ok, but I now have no connectivity anywhere on either the wireless, or the wired portions of my lan. It's almost as if every machine is being firewalled by the router - and as I can't access even the router itself from anywhere, I can't log into it to see what the heck is going on!

While looking for the wireless mac filter settings, I found the general mac filter settings first. I am fairly sure I left everything there unchanged - certainly didn't intend to change anything. The new mac address was added to the accept list under wlan mac filtering, but the machine is now acting as if mac filtering has been switched on generally, with nothing in the accept list!

My voip ATA is plugged into the router, and the phone still works - so the router's not dead, just not listening to the lan.

My notebook reported no connectivity because the network hadn't assigned an IP address (DHCP is also in the router). All the fixed infrastructure on my lan has manually assigned IP's, only PC's are set by dhcp. So thinking that dhcp may have died, on a machine with a wired link to the router (to eliminate any wireless issues), I manually set the IP address, but still wasn't able to connect to the router.

I've only been able to get on the net by hauling the old usb dsl modem out of storage and hooking it to one machine. The network is still down, and the natives are restless.

I could just give the router the Big Reset, but this leads to a problem. There are years worth of settings, options, addresses and the like in the routers memory - many of which cost me hours of blood sweat and tears to find. I can't see any way of copying them out of the system without being able to access it, and the thought of having to figure them all out again breaks me out in a cold sweat!

Does anyone know of a utility application, or trapdoor into the system that could restore my access, if only to copy settings before resetting everything. All I really want to do is switch off mac filtering. Is there a way...