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Thread: mounting network HD + mediaserver problem

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    mounting network HD + mediaserver problem

    I have a network harddisk without USB access and would like to mount it to my WL500W for ftp access.
    I had success with this command "mount -t nfs /tmp/nfs"

    Trouble is it only works after i run "mkdir /tmp/nfs" and "insmod nfs" from telnet so I havent been able to test it from ftp.
    I know I have to edit a "startup-file" and put the "mkdir /tmp/nfs" and "insmod nfs" commands in it to start the router with the above settings, but how and where do I access the startup-file (.conf?)?

    One more question.

    How do I enable mediaserver and downloadmaster with olegs firmware`?

    I am using olegs latest firmware for the WL500W version

    Regards /Rasmus
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