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Thread: WPA for WL-138g & W2k

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    WPA for WL-138g & W2k


    How do I enable WPA with my WL-138g on a Win2000 machine?

    Thanks! Martin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilesBehind

    How do I enable WPA with my WL-138g on a Win2000 machine?

    Thanks! Martin.
    You need a WPA client for Win2k.
    You can find one freeware here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spot
    You need a WPA client for Win2k.
    You can find one freeware here:
    Is ASUS planning an update of their client tooling?

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    I own a WL-500g and a Jewel Jade8080 Centrino (802.11g) which immidiatly worked fine on WiFi together. (I only had some problems learning how to handle safety settings).

    Then i bought a WL-138G for an older PC with Windows 2000 NL Professional. I made a long fight with this card to get it running with WPA-PSK (from the WSC link above). Results:
    -it run fine with no security settings
    -then i enabled WPA-PSK with the WSC driver
    -mostly the card was only trying to connect
    -only 3 times (many many rebooting) i got a good connection which then remained only until reboot
    -off course i used the latest drivers from ASUS on internet

    Then to solve the problem (after viewing some internet forums) i decided to bring the card back and change it for an SMC2802W parth no 99-012084-294. Reaon: SMC themselves are providing a W2K WPA-PSK driver via download on their site !Result:
    -installing first bit problematic because the new SMC WPA driver was installed togheter with the one from CD
    -then i removed all of the SMC drivers, utility
    -rebooted, let W2K find the card and find the downloaded driver
    -then it was almost only entering some settings

    If you need WPA-PSK on W2K, better buy a card from which the supplier also provides the necessary driver.

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    Talking WPA under Win2000...

    For those who experiment problems to run wl-138g in WPA mode under windows 2000, maybe this trick could help you:

    1. Uninstall card driver and all wireless clients (even asus utility sofwares...)!

    2. Download and install the new Marvell libertas beta driver (2.7.x.x) on asus site (see support for specific motherboard which has built-in marvell chipset... driver should include mrv8k51 file at least)

    3. Download (free to try) and install Odyssey client manager 3.x (from funk software)

    ... that's all !!! (please perform all the steps in the given order)

    I did it with a Topcom 3154g skyracer pc card, it's perfectly running... so I guess it should also work with asus models

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    Could you please help me to find the 2.7.x.x Beta driver from ASUS?
    (is it part of the beta 64bit driver available from Asus?)
    Is the old driver not able to run WPA?
    On my WL-100g the new ASUS tool seems to be able to run WPA at least the configuration is possible!!
    Why does the same client tool not support WPA on WL-138g??
    Would a registry setting change/addon solve this problem?
    Regards and thanks Urs as Swiss007
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