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Thread: Setting up a shared hdd on the wl-500g

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    Setting up a shared hdd on the wl-500g

    Hey all, now all of my issues with the wl-500g have been solved, I was thinking of attaching a hdd on my router. Now the main bottleneck is the usb1.1 speed. So I thought about the following: (also see the scheme)

    Now Im able to acces the hdd with full usb 2.0 speed (well its never gonna meet the theoretical 480 mbit/s but well 200 should do), and the hdd can be reached over the internet with the usb1.1 speed. (is fast enough )

    Anyone an idea if this is gonna work cq combination router-switch-disk will work?

    P.S. I cant put the disk in my computer, as I dont have any ide ports available, and I dont want to have the pc online all day, so I could acces my own docs..
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    It is not possible with regular file systems, like vfat/ntfs/ext3, etc...

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