2004/10/01 rev
1. Fix the bug on WPA
2. data rate and gmode combination

2004/09/21 rev
1. Fix the bug on Long path name of the shared folder with FAT FS
test item: mount HDD on WL-HDD with FAT filesystem and see if works with web configuration

2004/09/03 rev
1. Redirect first page to index.asp if pop-up window is intercepted
test item: a) use IE with pop-up intercepter to open WL-HDD(type IP or use utility to open)
b) use IE without pop-up interceptor to open WL-HDD(type IP or use utility to open)
2. Set default gateway
test item: set WL-HDD as a virtual server: FTP or HTTP

2004/08/13 rev
1. Solve the problem of pinging large packets on booting

2004/08/04 rev
1. Large file support on EXT2 fs (2GB limit free)
2. wmac function for ATE

2004/07/21 rev
1. Traditional Chinese display on Shared Node List, BUT Chinese input is not provided
2. Disable Network device after shutdown
3. replace printf in rc, httpd, and infosvr

2004/07/09 rev
1. Change default to

2004/07/09 rev
1. remove the format message for HD unmounted
2. time display adjust
3. UPnP display message add "ASUS"
4. reminder for format tool on GUI

TODO: problem on repeat to create folders with the same name

2004/06/29 rev
1. Press 5 sec to shutdown WLHDD
2. Press 20 sec to restore defaults
3. Add progress status while formatting and filesystem checking
4. FAT on tradition Chinese supported

2004/06/08 rev
1. Remove ethernet bridge mode to make client mode more stable

2004/06/08 rev
1. Remove ad hoc mode in wireless client mode
2. bugfix - shared name sync

2004/06/07 rev
1. UI settings modifications on client SSID, DHCP, web page..
2. bugfix - WDS not work on AP only
3. bugfix - USB copying with different devices

2004/05/25 rev
1. add home page
2. together read write list
3. bugfix - boot without HDD plugged
4. bugfix - extended partition space not counted
5. bugfix - status of associated list of WL client and dhcp client

2004/05/18 rev

1. kernel updated - jfs
2. bugfix - firmware upgrade
3. bugfix - reset to default
4. bugfix - ftp while no disk
5. bugfix - USB LED while disable net neighborhood
6. bugfix - prohibit illegal character inserted in path and share name fields