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Thread: Can we use WL-HDD as a PPPOE router?

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    Can we use WL-HDD as a PPPOE router?

    Dear ALL,

    I had study this forum since I had WL-HDD2.5 last month.

    Now I use ADSL as my internet connection at home, and one Linksys WRT54GC router (1M flash + 4M RAM, can not flash to DD-WRT) and one WL-HDD.
    I use WL-HDD as BT client (Ctorrent + Seaky's CTCS), Samba Server and SSH, I also add as my dynamic DNS service. ( Thanks everyone in this forum!) and I also use one VOIP service by Linksys PAP2 which connected to Linksys WRT54CG router directly by ethernet cable.

    Please check the attachment home.jpg for the network diagram.

    All of these system are running pretty good expect when the VOIP voice even can not work when I using BT!

    Because Linksys WRT54GC router does not support any type of QoS and can not upgrade firmware to DDWRT. Can I use WL-HDD as a QoS router and PPPOE client?
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