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Thread: What do I need to hear Music ?

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    What do I need to hear Music ?


    I operate a WL-700gE and am very disappointed.

    I now bought a Asus WL-HDD and it works nice when it comes to data transfer between my notebook and the WL-HDD. But one prob I have: I copied all my mp3 to the WL-HDD and would like to hear them using a streaming client (Roku M1001, SLA 5520) but I have real problems getting the unit linked to the WL-HDD.

    I thought I plug it and can hear the music but it seems that I need to do some other work before. ....... How do I do to hear the mp3 files from the WL-hdd thru my streaming client ?

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    Just out of curiosity, what are your transfer rates wireless & wired?

    Through wireless, even though it sits a few metres away from my laptop, I can only get a maximum of 600KB/s wireless and around 1.2MB/s wired.

    This is totally rubbish considering I can copy stuff from my laptop to my desktop which is downstairs at over 2MB/s via wireless..

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    Welcome ....

    wired = 0,8 and wireless 1,5 ... I use FileSync from for data transfer

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