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Thread: STATIC IP: wl500g after Netopia Router

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    STATIC IP: wl500g after Netopia Router

    hi guys,

    i got my new sdsl connection today(with ppoe wl500g was running fine). it comes with a preconfigured netopia sdsl router (its a black box, you're not allowed and you can't controll it by software like browser telnet etc), it is already a dmz ip configured: so i wrote down the ip in the asus config. after reboot everything is working fine (but in ipconfig the ip changed to, at the status page the right ip is shown). but if i restart the router (eg power off) it tells me that the ip is the ipconfig AND in the status site) .
    and there is no way to enter internet. after reentering the right ip and pressing the restart button everything is okay.

    any ideas why?

    also a funny thing is:
    if i entering the webinterface the wl500g tells me that the cable is missing and the internet connection is disconnected.

    can someone help me?

    thx a lot

    i run olegs firmware
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    Athlon XP 2200+ runnig on ECS K7S5A
    512 MB DDR
    160 GB Samsung
    Ati Radeon 9500
    System running under Yoper.v2
    Router: WL500g

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