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Thread: Is it possible to schedule WLan function?

  1. Is it possible to schedule WLan function?

    Is it on this router possible to schedule the WLan (a timetable, when WLan should deactivate and when it should activate).
    (oh the WL-500g it was possible, but I didn't find that in the manual of the WL-500W).

    (Sorry, I also did ask in the german section, but then I saw the special forum for the 500w)

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    Hi and sorry my English.

    If wl500w not supported, you can control it with cron daemon and wl command (wl radio on / wl radio off). You need create two script for enable/disable wlan function.

    wl radio off
    wl radio on
    and need configure cron daemon for enable/disable time. See it

    Bye, George

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