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Thread: Loading Twonky-Media 4.4 on WL-HDD

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    Loading Twonky-Media 4.4 on WL-HDD

    I have followed the instructions given in the JONOWIKI and have everything running up to the basic Samba stage.

    I can see the folders I have created in windows explorer and have loaded my mp3 files to the folder called music.

    I then followed the jonowiki on installing Twoky-Media 4.4, but cannot get it to work. It looks like the nas installer script is still trying to load it to /tmp/harddisk


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    Loading Twonky-Media 4.4 on WL-HDD

    No replies.

    I give up

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    Not so fast.

    Just unzip the archive directly onto the hard disk. Put it in a directory like

    Then 'cd /opt/etc/init.d' and create a file called S99mediaserver with the following lines

    /opt/share/TwonkyMedia/twonkymedia &

    and make it executable with 'chmod +x S99mediaserver'.

    That should be all you need. You should then be able to try it by running the file you created './S99mediaserver'
    This worked for me last week but I can't remember where I got the instructions from.


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