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Thread: WL-HDD 2gb stupid-ftpd Bug

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    WL-HDD 2gb stupid-ftpd Bug

    Hello guys,

    iīm new here and nobody answer me in the german forum, now i try it in english

    i have a Yakumo Wireless Storage running with latest fw from Oleg...
    i use this to stream movies from my dbox. but i canīt download files > 2gb via ftp..

    iīve read many about that bug, also i found a patch here

    is it possible to use this patch? can anyone say me, what is to do with the patch, or has anyone another solution for me. like vsftpd?

    has vsftpd the same problem?

    sry for my bad english

    Lu Chen

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    Use vsftpd, it supports files > 2gb (not tested)

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    ok today iīve install vsftpd and everything is fine...

    Use vsftpd, it supports files > 2gb (not tested)
    now its tested

    mfg Lu

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