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Thread: Asus WL-500b & Client Mode

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    Asus WL-500b & Client Mode

    I have firmware version loaded into my ASUS WL-500b and switched into "Client Mode" (for accessing to internet provided by Wi-Fi) by this commands:

    nvram set 13_x_ClientMode=1
    nvram set 13_x_IBSS=1
    nvram commit

    All works fine, but I cannot get packets from internet through Wi-Fi to my computers.
    My questions are:
    1. Supports firmware "Port forwarding" from Wi-Fi to LAN?
    2. Supports firmware "client mode", so I can use it as device for Internet from Wi-Fi?


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    Its sounds easy, but did u try this?

    Maybe its your firewall on the router? try to disable it. Also disable the windows firewall and test the results then.

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