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Thread: speedtouch 510 -- asus 500

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    Question speedtouch 510 -- asus 500

    I have my asus 500 hooked up behind my speedtouch 510 adsl modem. (xs4all)

    the speedtouch ( does dhcp to its 4 lan ports ( I've connected the wan port of the asus to a lan port of the speedtouch.
    The asus does automaticly retreive an ip from the speedtouch.

    The asus does dhcp to its lan and wireless side (

    But I can't seem to get an IP both on lan and on wireless (asus wl100-g)

    does anyone have the same config and can tell how to set this up or send me and cfg file???

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    Don 't really understand you problem. Please describe your setup in more detail.

    Are the PC's in your LAN connected to the asus or to the speedtouch?
    Sure you configured your WL100g properly (SSID, WEP,IPCONFIG)?
    TCP/IP config of your network card(s) (are the set to use DHCP)
    Firmware version running on your router?
    Chekced your router's status pages? What do they tell you??
    Read the manual supplied on the CD with your router??

    Probably loading someone elses config will only worsen your problem

    WL-500g, WL-138g, WL-160g

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    The Speedtouch has 2 internal IP's: and

    You need to change the subnet in the Asus to Asus will remind you that DHCP also needs to be changed and say YES to let the router do it for you.

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