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Thread: HOWTO: MLDonkey as Download Manager for WL-700g [draft v.0.1]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fullback View Post
    # /opt/etc/init.d/mlnet
    /opt/etc/init.d/mlnet: cannot execute
    -Using Telnet

    [Bhavdip@(none) bin]$sudo /opt/etc/init.d/mlnet
    sudo: /opt/etc/init.d/mlnet: command not found
    [Bhavdip@(none) bin]$
    -Shell using "sudo"

    [Bhavdip@(none) bin]$/opt/etc/init.d/mlnet
    -bash: /opt/etc/init.d/mlnet: Permission denied
    -Shell without using sudo.

    I have followed the instructions and i do not understand what is causing MLDonkey not to start up. Thank you all for your help.
    Are you sure you have made the file executable? You can make it executable with:
    chmod +x /opt/etc/init.d/mlnet

    Does anyone know how to compile MLDonkey? Im am not experienced enough with UNIX to do this, they have fixed problems with torrents being slow in the newest version of MLDonkey (2.9).
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