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  1. Here is another backup ...

    Here is another backup
  2. TFTP is done over ethernet, just a standard...

    TFTP is done over ethernet, just a standard ethernet cable connected to a switch, I did set a static IP to my computer instead of using DHCP.
    My serial adapter is USB and you can use trial and error...
  3. I found that out the hard way :-) Just glad it's...

    I found that out the hard way :-) Just glad it's not bricked anymore. I noticed on there the idea about putting the kernel on a USB drive, that would be awesome in many ways.
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    The link from changed...

    The link from changed
    md5sum = a45270725fea86f0a43a294d4f1e9484
  5. Yes I'm going to reply to myself :-)

    After many, many, many tries with erasing nvram, and letting it sit, and rebooting everything multiple times, it finally gave me:

    Initializing Arena
    Initializing Devices.
    et0: Broadcom BCM47xx...
  6. Flashed too large openwrt image, completely bricked wl700ge

    Ok, so it started with me wrongly trying to tftp the latest openwrt which is too big. Now I have a large expensive brick on my hands. I have the serial connection, and can get into the CFE but I...
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