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  1. Reload port forwarding rules without reseting router?

    I'm using Oleg's custom firmware version I'm wondering if there's a way to reload the router's port forwarding rules without reseting it. I want to avoid re-requesting a lease from the...
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    I'm somewhat skeptical if Skype would run on the...

    I'm somewhat skeptical if Skype would run on the WL-500g. I only use Skype occationally, but it seems moderately CPU intensive.

    If you just want a VoIP-in-a-box solution, there are plenty to...
  3. How do I disable the built-in caching DNS server?

    To moderators: I mistakenly posted this in the HowTo forum, and scratched my head for the next 1/2 hour wondering why it didn't show up. I'm sorry for my confusion :o

    Is there a way to disable...
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    I just "downgraded" to, and it's...

    I just "downgraded" to, and it's working now. Thanks.
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    "Manually Assigned IP List" not working

    Under IP Config->DHCP Server, there is an option called Manually Assigned IP List. I guessed that it's a way to force the DHCP server to assign certain IP addresses according to MAC addresses. ...
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