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    Is the source code also available? I also could...

    Is the source code also available? I also could not find the binary on the ASUS ftp servers, wherer did you get it?
    My motivation: I wanted to investigate how the firmware handles multiple SSIDs...
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    Seems like ASUS has not announced this firmware for WL500g/gx, but is shipping this firmware on new WL-500gx anyway.
    However, the source for this release is...
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    Sticky: Serial Console and CFE

    From those people who hooked up a serial console to the WL500gx, has anybody tried to interrupt the ordinary boot process and get to the CFE Bootloader Prompt?

    I have built and setup the serial...
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    GPL Firmware 1.9.5 release (02/09/2005)

    Looks like Asus has made a new GPL tarball firmware release with version 1.9.5 on 02/09/2005. No chance to test it yet, and no changelog. Interesting quote (they seem to be aware that they were on...
  5. External Root: Config changes lost after reboot

    Dear all,

    I have setup my WL500gx to use /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part5 as root file system, according to infos on , using an USB2 flash drive.

    What I am...
  6. Tested: NON-WORKING Model: WL-500gx Hardware: ?...

    Tested: NON-WORKING
    Model: WL-500gx
    Hardware: ?
    Firmware: Stock Asus

    Brandname: Creative
    Brandtype: Muvo2 4GB
    USB Interface: USB 2.0
    URL To manufacturer:...
  7. [

    In Germany, there is the "Gesetz gegen Unlauteren Wettbewerb UWG" ( law against unfair prohibition), which prohibits misleading advertisements of products and other similar practices. There is an...
  8. Blush... problem solved...

    Sorry to have bothered you, problem is solved. I overlooked that if I assign IPs manually, the DNS server will also not be assigned automatically. I guess it helps to enter the DNS server manuallly...
  9. Not yet, good point, will try that out tonight...

    Not yet, good point, will try that out tonight and report what happens.
    However, I am really puzzled by the difference, because I do not see how the negotiation of the IP should affect the...
  10. WL500gx: VoIP with DHCP works, static IP not

    Dear Forum members,

    I have set up my WL-500g deluxe with a Sipura SPA 2000 voice over IP adapter attached on a LAN port, which has two phone lines configured with two providers (,...
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    OpenWRT/Freifunk Firmware

    Dear Forum Members,

    after having configured my WL-500g deluxe and having installed VoIP, I am starting to look for new challenges (traffic-shaper, maybe get VoIP software for least-cost routing...
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    Just to follow up on Olegs comment. There is an...

    Just to follow up on Olegs comment. There is an experimental buildroot of openwrt available at:

    This contains the following kernel patches:

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    @mctiew, there are a few reasons why I do not...


    there are a few reasons why I do not want to go to 2.6 immediately. Once the kernel has been updated, it would be a fun project nevertheless.

    1. no major API changes. Once I have...
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    Updating the Asus Kernel

    Dear Forum,

    First a quick introduction. Since yesterday, I am the proud owner of a WL-500g deluxe and a WL-100g deluxe. While I do not know how much time I will be able to spend on this, I do have...
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    Available at for 90.48...

    Available at for 90.48 Euros.
    Ordered Friday and sent them money via German Postbank, left their shop on monday, delivered yesterday (though it looks like they are out...
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