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    Peercast on wl-hdd - pls help

    After a long time I picked up the wl-hdd which was lying in the attic unattended.. After a couple of weekends of work, have it working as an internet radio streamer going through the following...
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    Shutdown on Wl-hdd

    Sorry to bump an old topic.. I looked around and could not find a solution that is really working on the Wl-hdd with Oleg

    Things I have tried already:
    - halt
    - halt -p
    - shutdown
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    Asus with ipkg support

    Its a wish. Or may be someone has already created a Custom firware. If a Linux expert in the forum has done this, could you pls share ...

    Actually I am looking for functionalities of
  4. Thanks lolle lets wait for any other...

    Thanks lolle

    lets wait for any other suggestions from the forum members..
  5. "become an ap if no ap can be connected" - with Oleg's

    Hi lolle, Did you find how to do this with Oleg's firmware If so could you please share the information on how you did this.

    I was able to do this with Asus stock firmware with...
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