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    WORKS - Use WLHDD and HTC-HD2 to add iPad capabilities

    I saw a number of views, but no solutions.
    Meanwhile I've come up with my own solution !

    The basic problem is that the low-range iPad comes without 3G, GPS, and has limited (well ... 16GB)...
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    HTC-HD2 and iPad connect for WL-HDD

    I'd like to connect my WLHDD as a Client to the ad-hoc network that the HD2 sets up in its 'internet router' function.
    Connecting up my (Wifi/16GB) iPad to the HD2 is easy, and brings me the...
  3. Sticky: FUSE to get mtpfs or gphotofs


    I noticed that nslu2 already has the cross-compile for fuse in

    Does this mean that 'transporting'...
  4. Sticky: Creative Zen -- Connected !!

    Oleo, thanks very much for getting this cross-compile done !!
    The maintainer of gphoto2 also responded via e-mail, so I can now take-up a few matters on completion with him.

    Currently: ipkg...
  5. Sticky: libgphoto cross-compile

    You noted that the packages may need some attention to ensure that all dependencies are met.
    I've mailed the maintainer (Marcel ...) with your request, and some of my further information.
  6. Sticky: updated to oleg package feed

    Conform the instructions on
    I updated from the 'wl500g' to the 'oleg' feed.

    I seem to have been able to re-install / update my installed...
  7. Sticky: oleg's trunk instead of wl500g

    From the link you gave, I understand there's a "better" uclibc, allowing code to be less platform dependent.

    Am I to understand that I should be transferring the 'source' of my ipkg available...
  8. Sticky: libgphoto2 gphoto2 gphotofs -- CLI -- for WL-HDD

    The mentioned libgphoto2, gphoto2 and ghpotofs should not have a dependency to X or GTK.
    gphoto2 uses a CLI.

    gtkam DOES have a GUI, but is not needed to get MTP -media- devices to connect to the...
  9. Sticky: libgphoto2 gphoto2 gphotofs --- package wl500g

    libgphoto2 (v2.3.1, dec'06) :

    gphoto2 (v 2.3.1, dec'06) :...
  10. Sticky: libgphoto2 improves on libmtp

    Countless references through mtpdude, gnomad2, forums, recompile-threads... others, I ended up at libgphoto2

    Interest in mtpdude and libmtp versions seems to have dried-out in favour of this...
  11. Sticky: Mtpfs , Mtpsync ; Connecting Creative Zen

    Oleo, thank you very much ..... BUT
    I have no experience with these 'trunk' files, and your message indicates that the 'build' for the wl500g is broken "somehow".
    So... what do I need to do to get...
  12. Sticky: Requesting more packages in unslung; Creative Zen

    Rod (e.a.),

    Is there a mechanism/ procedure to request other known packages from e.g. sourceforge to be included in the ipkg list ?

    Specifically, I'd like to get libmtp, mtpfs, mtpfsync to be...
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    libmtp mtpfs kzenexplore gnomad2 -- ZVM / PMP / Zen

    == Wie maakt een build van libmtp/ mtpfs voor de WL-HDD ?? ==

    Ik heb nog n's flink rondgesnuffeld voor de Creative Zen -- USB aansluiting op de WL-HDD.

    Er zijn een aantal initiatieven op (o.a.)...
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    Creative Zen op WL-HDD

    De Creative Zen aansluiten op WL-HDD zou moeten kunnen....

    Een lsusb -v meldt netjes de herkende Creative, maar hangt er geen driver aan.
    Ook als "USB-Disk" of "verwisselbare schijf" .... wordt...
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    My own reply

    [QUOTE=gdraanen;32398]I am currently running the 'standard' Asus on my WL-HDD.
    1)Is (asus) a subset of (asus) ?
    2)Is then (JockYW2001) is a subset...
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    usb in wl-hdd

    De herkenning van usb is inmiddels opgelost.
    - in /tmp/local/sbin/post-boot moeten een paar 'modules' worden geinstalleerd die niet automatisch meekomen:

    insmod scsi_mod
    insmod sd_mod
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    sftp versus vsftp and root directory

    I have a wl-hdd with samba, vsftpd, and the openssh stuff. (all working)

    Both samba (xinetd) and vsftp have config files
    vsftp allows me to setup a chroot for specific users

    since sftp is...
  18. USB hotplug -script vs binary

    Interesting mails, but some problems to further test and evaluate this.
    - The ipkg packages as referred do not seem to be available (they are not in ipkg list ). Neither are /opt/utils/....

    - I...
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    wl-hdd, oleg, USB-stick


    I have the wl-hdd running with Oleg's, complete with support for my internal (ide) drive, ssh, ftp, samba, and even the usb-webcam
    so.... all seems fine

    I seem to be...
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    Which firmware does what

    As I understand: is the 'basic' -asus supplied- firmware is a 'fresh-up' -asus supplied- version few additions (JockyW2001) is a 'custom' version with additional deamons...
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    Which Firmware to select for WL-HDD

    I am currently running the 'standard' Asus on my WL-HDD.
    This works OK, but has some limitations:
    == ..... whatever is mentioned on this forum.. probably true (e.g. performance, limitations...
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