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  1. can i stop usbcopy and add a 2.5 hdd(sata to usb) to wl700ge?

    as title and wanna to know how to do it?thx^^!
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    how to solving locales problems?

    first,thx kfurge and everybody
    i use in wl700-ge+WL700gE_kc_1078_02+mldonkey297,everything work well,i have a locales problems when downloading files.
    mldonkey297 can dl here:...
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    you can try to set DMZ with web interface like...

    you can try to set DMZ with web interface like below
    IP Address of Exposed Station:your IP(exp:

    but it is unsecure!:(
  4. thx very very ....much,it runs well now,thx...

    thx very very ....much,it runs well now,thx again!:D
  5. cann't auto load rc.local file when boot>_

    hi everybody and thx kc,i installed kc's newest firmware step by step,all look like well,but i need to login and run the script(/shares/MYVOLUME1/rc.local) each time when machine reboot,who can tell...
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