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  1. In router I do not see any specific device. Under...

    In router I do not see any specific device. Under Ubuntu I did not check which device is mounted - I ejected it by pressing "eject" button in Nautilus present at right side of the filesystem. Then...
  2. WL-500gP & Novatel MC935D: mounting and ejecting its storage

    I would like to use the HSPA modem model Ovation MC935D from Novatel Wireless. It has specific requirement to mount its storage and then eject it to get the proper modem initialized on USB bus. While...
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    Problem z zachowaniem WL-500gP

    Mam WL-500gP z softem Oleg'a Dwa dni bawiłem się próbą podłączenia dysku twardego w kieszeni Welland ME-740PS. Abstrahując jednak od problemów z dyskiem w kieszeni z oszczędnością...
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    WL-500gP problem, strange behaviour

    I have WL-500gP with Oleg's firmware, currently I was playing with removable HDD (Welland ME-740PS) for two days. Apart from problem I have with HDD with the power saving, something...
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