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  1. Thanx brubber!

    It does connect to
    So this is the DNS problem, right?

    So would you be so kind and tell me how should I fix it?
    You said - You may also try entering as...
  2. Still no luck :(

    Thanks for the answer brubber. But I already had tried that.
    Network card is already configured to automatically obtain an IP adress (by default)
    Router's DHCP server is enabled (by default) ...
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    Same problem here :(

    Hey Panja!
    I've got the same problem with same equipment as you had.
    Cah you help me a little bit? How did you set up the router?
    "Home Gatewy" or "AP mode"?
    What IP settings did you use?
  4. Hi! I just tried the trick mentioned by...

    I just tried the trick mentioned by Antiloop

    I didn't help. The only change I can see at cable modem configuration page ( - it changed "Learned MAC...
  5. Need help - ASUS WL-500g and Motorola SB5100 cable modem

    Hi guys!
    I really need help here. OK. I got Adelphia cable connection. Motorola SB5100 cable modem, ASUS WL-500g router and notebook. Notebook connected directly to the cable modem works...
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