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  1. Port or to WL-HDD

    Hi all,

    Have anyone get ideas or plans to migrate of WL-HDD device to or :rolleyes:

    PLS refer below post links.

    Have a NICE day,
    Eric Apr 27,...
  2. Upgrade WL-HDD to or

    Hi Lly,

    Thanks for your quickly reply.
    So, does it means WLHDD(BCM4702/4MB flash/16MB SDR 32bit) just support "kernel 2.4.20.XX" tree only??? Once we want full function of WiFi.
    I have check...
  3. Upgrade WL-HDD to or

    Hi all,

    Currently I am using "WLHDD-" for my WLHDD device for a long time(2 years),
    It quite good for e169U 3.5G/HSDPA usb modem to internet accessing, while I am in...
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