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  1. Got it!

    Ok, I got it... after a lot of pain.

    It's actually quite easy, once you understand the firmware's guts a bit. I changed the rc.c to execute a script from /sbin just before pre-boot (I wanted to...
  2. Compiling with DHCP activated? Help? Anyone?

    Still stuck... messed up my holidays over this. :(

    Any ideas really appreciated.
  3. Weird problem building original Asus firmware

    Hi all.

    I'm trying to customize the original WL-HDD firmware (it actually suits my purpose better than Oleg's firmware, since I only need bridging, samba and DHCP server without other stuff).
  4. How do I compile Oleg's firmware with DHCP activated in AP mode?

    I'm adapting WL-HDD for a specific application, and would like to "hard code" several settings, so that if the WL-HDD is reset to factory settings, custom settings remain (or...
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