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  1. Sorry... I'm a stupid! I connect the Lan cable...

    Sorry... I'm a stupid!

    I connect the Lan cable to WAN port and not to Lan port!

  2. Help! I'm not able to connect to the router!

    Hello! I have a problem...

    I bought a used wl-500gp v1 but I'm not able to connet with it by my web browser (digiting

    I connet the Pc and the router via Lan and I set a static...
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    Help on Wl-500gp to control a photocam

    Hello boys, I'm an italian user and I don't speak english veri well...

    So, I want to use a photocamera as a Webcam (as Canon Powershot for example), but I need a wireless connection to my router...
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    Aiuto per Wl-500g

    Ciao Ragazzi, sono nuovo...

    Premetto che non so se questa la sezione giusta per postare, ma il mio problema un po' complesso e pensavo che la generale raccogliesse un po' tutto...

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