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  1. Asus WL500gx = with WAP server ? < this is the version that i finally managed to work with damn Orange stick Icon 225
    is it possible to use that FW to connect my phone via WAP ?

    or to "improve" somehow that...
  2. Sticky: TRY this !!

    Have you tried this ?

    open case
    id the pin 16..power should it be off,
    put this pin to case negative,
    keep it there connected,
    power on the router,
    still keep the connectors till the led...
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    Sticky: USB stick not found

    USB stick not found

    I installed last ver of Oleg fw..i schoose the steps to install dropbear..everything was ok..
    1.i insert the USB stik, after i connected the cord extension..and i was...
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