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  1. uPnP ports remain open

    I'm running version, and recently found that when some application on my network opens a port on the Asus router using uPnP this port remains mapped, even after stopping the application...
  2. WL500G goes 'off' when connecting an external HDD (USB)

    I'm making some tests with last firmware version (6b) and excelent macsat tutorials, using a external USB flash disk. Now I want to expand to a external harddisk and bought a external USB case and a...
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    Verbatim 256Mb Store 'n' Go Professional

    Tested: WORKING
    Model: WL-500G

    Brandname: Verbatim
    Brandtype: Store 'n' Go Professional
    Memory: 256Mb
    USB Interface: USB 2.0
    URL To manufacturer:
    URL To...
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