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    I am trying to get file WL700gE_kc_1078_02.nas at, but download always stopped at 18Mb (full size 22,95 Mb) with incorrect MD5 . Can you help me with downloading original file WL700gE_kc_1078_02.nas?
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    Hi, you answered in my thread here a long time ago, I made some progress, please have a look, thanks.
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    hy i have a wl500gp v1 ,oleg`s
    it work`s perfectly. no hdd atached for the moment


    when i start my download from internet it goes 5.8 mb .maxim (i have a 10mb band)
    The problem is when i`m downloading the ksoftirqd_CPU0 uses the cpu 100%
    and if i enter the to aces my roter..i have a big lag...sometimes even the page is not displyed corectly.

    somthing i noticed ..i have to pc wired atached to my wl 500gp and if i download somthing from one pc to another(both top configurations) i have the 6mb 6.5 max transfer. and i know that this is the half speed normaly it must be 10 12 mb no? 100/8=12.5

    i ve tried ""echo "interrupt=no" > /proc/miscio/power_enable_config"" i found in the "how to speed up 15 %" thread..but i ve got

    [admin@gtm /proc]$ echo "interrupt=no" > /proc/miscio/power_enable_config
    -sh: cannot create /proc/miscio/power_enable_config: Directory nonexistent

    can you take 2 minutes of your life to help me?
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    Hi KFurge, could you please help me on this post?

    Thanks a lot
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    i have a problem with rc.local. it doens't boot at start up. What shall i do?
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    Hello Kfurge...
    wanna ask you one thing.
    Do you planning add to your firmware multicasting protocol?
    In my local net, ISP is provide 27 free TV channels, but i cant see them, because wl700ge not transfer multicast from WAN interface to LAN.
    thanks for answer.
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    i have a problem with "/opt/etc/rc.local".
    I edit it with "sudo vi rc.local". Then I changed the hdparm... lines to "hdparm -S 60 ....". But I cant save this file now. I use in the vi editor ":w", but it doesnt save my file. Can you help me?

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    Bit stupid that you don't have any friends (here!)

    I hope you don't mind I have become one....

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    I respect your excellent work made about WL700ge custom firmwares.

    I have bought one but at this moment it seems a bad decision (due to its poor DL Manager)

    I have read all the info about replacing the original DL Manager with MLDonkey but without ANY Linux knowledge it seems an impossible mission... I have not found any "step by step howto" written to people having no ANY Linux knowledge.

    Will you be so kind and help me to make this router "usable"?
    Any help are welcomed.

    thnk you very much

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    about dhcp + pptp
    is the any manual that cen explain in details how can 700ge can do this?
    wl-700ge connected into local network
    access to internet connecting to vpn-server. after connect 700ge lose access to local network

    corry for my @#$% english ))
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