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The Rules

The Rules

At the forum some rules apply, those rules were made to keep the forum interesting, renewing and workable. Every user is considered to know those rules and to use them. When breaking the rules repeatedly, this can lead to a locked account so you will not be able to reply or open new topics (the so called ban).

Creating a topic

If you have a problem you can not solve yourself, you may open a topic. But some rules apply:
• Try to solve your problem first!
If you have a problem, it is the intention you open a topic at the moment you are not able to solve it anymore AFTER trying it yourself. Always read the manual and take a look at the support page of the manufacturer. Try searching google, google groups and offcourse the search function at the forum. A lot of FAQs at other forums have solutions. If a question is already asked, or it is easy to solve or find yourself, than it is not the intention to post it here.
• Be clear, mention what you have tried yourself.
If you can not solve it, you may start a topic but please indicate clearly your problem and specific what you have searched for and did find, and where you got stuck with your problem. If you are not willing to do this, we can assume you haven’t done this with the chance of a locked topic. You can easily prevent this by paying attention to the post your are opening.
• Pay enough attention to the content of a topic.
If you don’t have a problem, but want to start a discussion, substantiate your point very clearly and why you think it should be like that. We do not appreciate 1 rulers or lose communications through this way.
Please also be sure to provide ENOUGH information, mention firmware-, driver-, model-information and all other information that applies to it.

• Name the topic short but strong. It should logically reflect the subject.
It is not the intention to create a title which draws a lot of attention by adding a lot of exclamation marks, capital letters or “HELP HELP!” in the title. Consider something which covers the subject specifically.
• Post your topic in the right forum.

Placing a reply
• Be helpfull at all times.
• Show respect for other users and the forum.
• Keep reactions ontopic.
• Only give a reaction when you have the intention to help the topicstarter ontopic.
• Do not try to moderate other users, use the Report Bad Post icon (located right at the top of a post).
What for some people basic knowledge is, can be completely new for any other. Do you notice some posts that surely shouldn’t be posted, are insulting or something like that Report it immediately as a Bad Post! Moderators can take care of the case then.
• Do not kick topics up unnecessarily.
• Do not place nonsense replies.

General Matters
• Use the english language at all times.
• Place a topic only once in one forum (no double or cross posting)
• If you are not satisfied with a moderator-action, mail or pm the moderator to deal with it.
• You are only allowed to own 1 (one) account. you are also not allowed to share this account with others.
• No porno.
• No shocking material.
• No spam.
• No verbal violence.
• No criminal activities.
• No license- or copyright-violences like links to warez, cracks, MP3’s and divx.

Where required the Dutch law apply, also at When not respecting above actions will follow where necessary.


in the IT world there are some widely known abbreviations, ofcourse not everybody knows what they mean.

I'll list some here, if you think some should be added PM antiloop.

AFAIK As Far As I Know
AKA Also Known As
ASAP As Soon As Possible
BTW By The Way
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FYI For Your Information
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
NP No Problem
PPL People
RTFM READ THE FUCKING MANUAL (this is the most important one, as noone seems to have learned to read at all)
U You
WTF What The Fuck
PM Private Message
LOL Laughing Out Loud
ROFL Rolling On the Floor Lauging

My post does not show up in the Reported Compatible Hardware (RCH) Forum or other forums

that's right, this forum and the HowTo forums are moderated and one of the moderators have to validate your post first before it will show up.

if it does not show up in a few days, contact a moderator to deal with the issue.

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