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Asus RT-AC68U AC1900 Wireless Router

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ASUS RT-AC68U Firmware version

File Size 29.03 (MBytes) 2013/10/29 update


  • 1. Added import CA file and manual edit option in OpenVPN client
  • 2. Added option for tls-auth in OpenVPN server


  • 1. Fixed OpenVPN server *.ovpn file exporting issue while changed the protocol to TCP.
  • 2. Fixed PPTP VPN client related issues.
  • 3. Applied memory leak patch in media server.
  • 4. Improved the 2.4GHz wireless throughput.
  • 5. Improved the samba throughput while IPv6 enabled.

ASUS RT-AC68U Firmware version

File Size 29.06 (MBytes) 2013/10/24 update


  • 1. Added Apple time machine feature in USB application.
  • 2. Both NTFS and HFS+ format HDD are supported.
  • 3. Added OpenVPN server.
  • 4. Added OpenVPN/ PPTP/L2TP client.
  • 5. Some devices like set top box, smart TV or Blu-ray player are not able to establish
    VPN connection. VPN client in router can help these devices to connect to VPN server.
  • 6. Supported HFS+ format HDD
  • 7. Added 2.4GHz beamforming option in advanced settings > wireless >professional
  • 8. Added roaming assistant: allow to set the minimum RSSI to disconnect clients and let
    clients reconnect to Ap with better signal.


  • 1. Enhanced FAT32 read/write speed


  • 1. Adjusted 2.4GHz power saving algorithm to fix slow wireless in some special scenarios.
  • 2. Fixed ASMedia 1053E USB 3.0 controller compatibility issue.
  • 3. Fixed IPv6 related issues
  • 4. Fixed quick internet setup UI issues when setup the router by wireless client.
  • 5. Fixed WPS push button related issues.
  • 6. Fixed the security related issues for httpd.

GPL of ASUS RT-AC68U for firmware

File Size 770,36 (MBytes) 2013.10.29 update

Quote Originally Posted by RMerlin
RT-AC68U_3004.374.34: Howdy folks,

Release 374.34 has been uploaded to Mediafire. I initially intended to merge more up-to-date code from
Asus, but considering the amount of major changes Asus has introduced, and also the fact they are
releasing multiple updates in a short period of time, I decided to release this build for now, so to provide
a stable platform for people to use, and give me more time to work on integrating the newer code.


374.34 marks the introduction of a new router to the family, with the RT-AC68U.

Note that this release isn't based on the latest Asus code. There are still some unresolved issues that
Asus has been addressing in newer firmware releases. It should however still be usable by a lot of users.
I didn't want to delay this release by a few more weeks just for the AC68U, so here it is.

CPU temperature is now reported both on Sysinfo page, as well as the Performance Tuning page
(including the graphical chart) for routers that support it (only AC56 and AC68). While on the topic
of the Performance Tuning page...

Asus's (currently still under development) Turbo Mode for the RT-AC68U has been integrated and enabled.
(this is not the same thing as TurboQAM). The Performance Tuning page has an option which will let you modify
the LED switch at the back to start acting like a Turbo button - just like the good old days of pre-Pentium PCs

Enabling this option then pressing the LED button will overclock the router to 1 GHz. As anything that involves
overclocking: it CAN reduce your router stability. The good thing with Asus's implementation is that if it's so
unstable that you are no longer able to boot the router, you can easily revert back to normal clock just by
setting the LED button to Off at the back.

(Known issue: the CPU clock isn't accurately reported on the Sysinfo page when Turbo mode is enabled.
To confirm that it's working, compare the Bogomips value from /proc/cpuinfo.)

IPSec kernel support was added (patches provided by saintdev).
This should let you setup an IPSec tunnel through the use of Strongswan (available through Entware).

UPnP-related changes: you can now adjust the lowest port number allowed to be forwarded by miniupnpd
(useful for WHS users). Also, UPnP rules will be processed after manually configured port forwards.

Component updates: Dropbear updated to 2013.60, dnsmasq updated to 2.67
(Asus had been using 2.67-test in recent releases).

minidlna should no longer crash when processing very large libraries
(patches provided by Paulo C.)

A bunch of other minor fixes, all documented on the Changelog.

What next?

Merging with the next Asus GPL release mostly. Asus has been bringing a lot of
major changes (such as OpenVPN support) to the official firmware with this build.
This will require some planning to decide how best to integrate their changes.