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Goodbye, DD-WRT

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Список причин, по которым DD-WRT лучше не использовать у меня есть свой, но [URL=""]цитата[/URL] ниже подходит лучше:
[QUOTE=wjwj]I'd like to say goodbye to the DD-Wrt community. During the last year I unfortunately got more and more frustrated on how DD-Wrt is developed, and how developers communicate with the supporting community.

I found almost every build during the last (at least!) half year almost useless, buggy, unstable, etc. Unfortunately it seems that bug tickets are simply not closed (for years), almost ignored. There is no development roadmap, the latest recommended build is 13064 (around 7000 commits old), noone knows if there will ever be a SP2 final, ...

Of couse I would like to thank Brainslayer for his effort, I know you offer most of these services for free. The emphasis on supporting almost every brand new device is GREAT, but it seems that the focus is on supporting tons of devices, and not releasing a stable version.

But what I will really miss is the community here in the forum! I think what really stands out is the community behind DD-Wrt and the helpfull atmosphere here in the forums. I'd like to point out redhawk0, fractal, buddee and of couse eko and all the others. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Unfortunately for me it seems that your effort is not really honored, at least by the devs.

Well, what's going on on my routers now? Well, I tried Tomato, actually it also worked quite good, but development seems to be more confuse than DD-Wrt. Also there is just a very very small community behind it (at least my impression).
So finally I am now running OpenWrt and actually I was VERY impressed on how professional the OpenWrt devs are (yes, there is more that one dev). Even the latest Beta is rock-solid and fast. And the best is that you do not have to struggle with NVRAM-variables, everything looks like an ordinary Linux file system. Also the package manager is great and there are tons of available extensions.
No "I'd like to have strongswan running in DD-Wrt because that's the only secure VPN the iPhone can connect to" + the reply "we won't implement it because WE don't need it", it's just VERY VERY modular, so almost no limits on that.
Unfortunately support on the hardware side is not that impressive than DD-Wrt's, so I had to buy a new router (TP-Link WDR4300).[/QUOTE]
У [B]wjwj[/B] четыре роутера, в т.ч.WRT54GL, с которого, напомню, Optware начиналась.
Последней отвергнутой "хотелкой", сподвигнувшей [B]wjwj[/B] на уход из DD-WRT был Strongswan, который мы [URL=""]реализовали[/URL] для Tomato:)

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