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  1. hy i have a wl500gp v1 ,oleg`s
    it work`s perfectly. no hdd atached for the moment


    when i start my download from internet it goes 5.8 mb .maxim (i have a 10mb band)
    The problem is when i`m downloading the ksoftirqd_CPU0 uses the cpu 100%
    and if i enter the to aces my roter..i have a big lag...sometimes even the page is not displyed corectly.

    somthing i noticed ..i have to pc wired atached to my wl 500gp and if i download somthing from one pc to another(both top configurations) i have the 6mb 6.5 max transfer. and i know that this is the half speed normaly it must be 10 12 mb no? 100/8=12.5

    i ve tried ""echo "interrupt=no" > /proc/miscio/power_enable_config"" i found in the "how to speed up 15 %" thread..but i ve got

    [admin@gtm /proc]$ echo "interrupt=no" > /proc/miscio/power_enable_config
    -sh: cannot create /proc/miscio/power_enable_config: Directory nonexistent

    can you take 2 minutes of your life to help me?
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