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  1. Hi

    I recently had to reinstall Optware on my Asus RT-N16 due to an error that happened on my harddrive. After reinstalling Optware, using ecaddict guide for Optware the simple way, I found out that the Twonkyserver 7 guide on the link below is no longer working. I have been in touch with Twonky and they say that they shut down the twonkyforum a few years ago and have no backup of this information. If I am not mistaken, I believe you wrote the guide for Twonkyserver 7. You would not happen to still have the guide somewhere?

    I have found out how to install Twonkymedia 6 and have done that succesfully. However, Twonkymedia 6 does not support mkv-files. All of my movie files are mkv-files with embedded subtitles, which is the only way to get subtitles to work on my LG TV. I am far from an expert on all of this and hope you have time to help me with the guide for Twonkyserver 7.

    Best regards
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