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  1. USB LCD (OLED) монитор для роутера Asus

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    Есть такой журнал Vogue/Playboy с плеером внутри.

    Немного технических характеристик:

    Мультимедийный процессор: Ingenic JZ4725B

    • — 360MHz XBurst CPU
    • — XBurst RISC instruction set to support Linux and WinCE
    • — XBurst SIMD instruction set to support multimedia acceleration
  2. ASUS RT-N66U B1

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    ASUS RT-N66U B1 Firmware Version

    • 1. httpd abnormal after adding more than 24 IP/MAC entries
    • 2. RF power decrease issue reported in
    • 3. Download master:The HTTP and FTP task cannot continue when WAN reconnect to Internet.
    • 4. Download master: some multi-language strings issue.
    • 5. Download master: Bit torrent association tool compatibility issue.

    • 1. allow user to modify scanning directory of media server
    • 2. allow

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  3. Всё об Asus RT-N16

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