Bekijk de volledige versie : Twonkymedia on WL500g Premium not detected by XBMC via UPNP

11-07-2007, 05:52
I have installed Twonkymedia 4.4 on my Windows XP machine. I use as Media Client the XBox with XBMC. Streaming via UPNP protocol to XBMC works without any problems.
Furthermore I have installed Twonkymedia 4.4 on my WL500g Premium (last Oleg FW and an external harddisk directly connected to the router). I use the WL-HDD Version of Twonkymedia. But in this case Twonkymedia will not be detected by XBMC. Another Media Device Client I own (Telegent TG100 Media Center) detects the router installed version without any problems. Is someone here sucessfully operating Twonky on any linux based NAS with XBMC using UPNP protocol? Please, I need help...

19-07-2007, 07:10
I have made researches and found out, that Twonkymedia is at fault. This is what they have reported in the XBMC forum also. (Citation: '...the xbox can't send multicast, so we send unicast (or actually broadcast)...'). It is obviously not working because of the missing broadcast support.

Twonkymedia Support gave me the following answer in case of a linux server is not detected:
Use the -ip commandline switch to specify the IP address of your NIC. The ifconfig command prints it (usually for device eth0).

Check if you have the multicast route added:
route | grep

If the output is empty, add the multicast route:
route add -net netmask dev eth0
If I try this via Telnet on my WL500gP I get as message: NO SUCH DEVICE.

So what am I doing wrong? Please help!!

25-07-2007, 11:00
Try this:

route add -net netmask dev br0

27-07-2007, 15:02
Thx for the answer. 'route add -net netmask dev br0' was the right command. Nevertheless, Twonkymedia is still not detected by XBMC. Don't know what to do anymore :confused: . Anyone out there who has experiences on this. Please, I really need help on this nerving topic.