Bekijk de volledige versie : Mysql faster while running on the router?

10-07-2007, 18:27
I am running a webserver (just for testing) on my wl500gp i am using lighttpd + php + mysql + wordpress.

All is fine, although it take about 6 sec to load, i was expecting that as i read that the mysql server was a bit much for the router.

So i tried to run the webserver but use a hosted mysql database.

I shutdowned the mysql server on the router, but noticed that while freeing the router from the mysql and using the external one i was getting even slower responses, about 8sec per page :/

So i guess that i should just run the mysql server on my router, but i was not expecting this result (mostly due to what i read on this forum) even though i am a newbie on mysql databases.

Any thoughts on why the performance is worsts with a externally running mysql server?

Thanks ^^