Bekijk de volledige versie : startup wl500g

08-07-2007, 21:45

Now I'm running with Oleg-sw. When I search on the forum about SAMBA to add some users to SAMBA.
My configfile smb.conf is locatedin: /opt/etc/samba
When I start smbpasswd to add a sambauser it will search for smb.conf
in a different directory: /etc

How can I solve the problem?
Which configfiles are use during startup: so I know where I can search

How can I go to 'factory defaults' to undo all my configurationchanges?

I installed hd:
part1: 512 Mb swap
part2: 1 Gb opt
part3: 28 Gb data

files are to find:
/usr/tmp/etc/passwd (unix-users)

I installed samba2 (again) : when i execute smbpasswd then it will use /opt/etc

- add unix-users passwd
- smbpasswd -a unix-user1 etc

some parameters smb.conf
security = user
encrypt passwords = yes

writeable = yes
browseable = yes
user = user1 user2 user3
write list = user1
force user = user1
only user = yes