Bekijk de volledige versie : ext3 module directory limitation?

26-06-2007, 13:30
When i try to copy 1000 files (around 16MB - 64MB each) to a specific directory i get an error copying after about 600 files.

The files are named:

0001 - filename1.7z
0002 - filename2.7z

with vsftpd the error is '451 failure writing to local file'
with winscp (using scp) i get 'i/o error'

If i repeat the copy command with vsftp on the failing file the copy ALWAYS goes ok the second time!!
With SCP i CANNOT get the file copied. (i/o error)

The filesystem i use is ext3 (which shouldn't have this limitation).

I think there is a kind of bug or limitation in the filesystem driver of the wl500gp (using latest oleg fw version 'g') . If i connect the external usb drive to a PC i can copy the files to disk without any problem.

Has anyone seen this problem before?